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  IA LONDON, ''The Home of Wearable Image'', designs and produces women's and men's wear collections, using authentic imagery and advanced digital textiles printing technology. The company was established in 2016 by an award-winning designer and creative director, Ira Avezov. IA LONDON sees ''image'' as the point of departure in the design of garments. Image is the core of our creative process, the first thing we design. We build garment's pattern and print it as one unit. Cut and sewn, the image then becomes wearable and alive.  


Born in South Korea, Kim moved to Canada and graduated with High Honours from the Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario in Fine Arts in 2008. Kim's large abstract paintings make bold visual statements, their development stems from a place of quiet introspection and contemplation. Kim explores relationships between colours, shapes, figure and ground in a visual language that is at once intellectual and emotive. Kim aims to depict both the 'fact' and the emotion of the world around us; the sensorial as well as the spiritual or ephemeral. Kim invites us to open up to the infinite possibilities of connection with and exploration of the world around and within us. One omnipresent element of this world, as it is played out in these spare, ethereal and yet evocative works is a strong black line; a striking contrast against the large expanses of white, and the pale, amorphous blooms of colour that make up the canvas.



Teis Albers is a contemporary mixed-media artist from Berlicum, the Netherlands. Albers brings elements from nature, pop and street art together on a digital canvas, then layers paint and varnish onto the printed work. The diverse elements, ranging from billboards to birds, show the contrast between city and countryside. While the artists sources are often older, the viewer keeps discovering new things in his intricate arrangements, with hidden details in every composition. From the subconscious he plays with these various elements and allows the compositions to happen layer by layer. Everything comes together in a digital canvas where he has full control over size, composition and color. After this process the physical layering follows with multiple prints and various materials like paint, gels, paper and varnish.

Teis attended the school for graphic design in Eindhoven and started doing freelance work right after graduation. After several years of working and living in the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch he recently moved to a more remote village. This contrast between city and village forms the basis for his contemporary art. Cracked walls with layers of torn posters next to nature and wide views. Crowded malls with screaming adverts and a flock of birds, forming abstract shapes.



Luis Peiro is a self-taught artist and designer based in Zaragoza (Spain) interested in exploring the emotional response derived from visual perceptions. To achieve this, he creates images using different algorithms and compositional criteria, inspired by nature through its laws and underlying mathematics, by cultural concepts through fashion and design and by the principles of Expressionism of which he considers himself an admirer. Luis understands artistic expression as the mark or trace of an emotional state or perceptual process. This curiosity to understand why he perceives an emotion or why he finds something beautiful or not, generally leads him to an inner need to distort, manipulate, dissect, stain, wrinkle or transmute things, while simultaneously trying to identify the emotional content involved in that action, in a feedback or quasi-unconscious process.



Emma Tingard is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm. She has exhibited in multiple venues throughout Europe, and has been featured on several International magazines, Vogue Magazine (UK) being the latest. Her artworks, mainly portraits of strangers with captivatingly odd features, aim at depicting her personal insight into the model´s personality, which translates into ample strokes of vivid colors on a graffiti inspired outline; this technical approach is particularly evident in her series of street art driven works. Her current project involves, among other things, a collaboration with fashion designer Zena Presley and the up and coming design company Egoiste Mondiale.



I came from another galaxy  to inhabit the body you see in the picture (I am the one wearing a cap). This has allowed me to live all kind of experiences, one after another, including this right moment while I am writing these words. If I am here is because of that gift which has allowed me to keep experimenting on this crazy but beautiful and fascinating planet. I am eternally grateful to it for allowing me to live this experience with you.



Hailing from Brest, a city in Brittany, northwestern France, Matthieu Venot is a self-taught photographer who turns architectural details of his hometown into cleanly composed minimalist images that stand out from a deep blue sky. He plays with glazing façades, windows, bannisters, balconies, and similar elements of the urban environment, combining them with the pallid blue of the sky to create pure and original compositions. What’s more appealing about his photography is the fact that his images are universal – although they portray specific place in the specific city, they could easily be images of the 1960s or 1970s buildings in any city on any golden and cloudless day.




littledrill brings products, people and places to life through conceptual, still life photography. West Coast raised and East Coast based, littledrill explores objects and moods through vibrant colors and graphic presentation. Inspired by pop art, modern design and coastal cities, littledrill creates scroll-stopping concepts that are distinct varying from clean compositions to quirky and unconventional. They have had the pleasure of working with brands such as Target, Adidas, Interscope Records, Q-tips and more. 


Born in Aleppo, Syria in 1944, Saad Yagan began painting at age thirteen. In 1964 he graduated from the Plastic Arts Centre of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Aleppo and held his first solo exhibition at the city's National Museum five years later. To date, he has exhibited in over one hundred exhibitions at home and abroad. In addition to his painting, he has served as a commentator for Syrian television, broadcasting a series of documentaries on art. Yagan has also lectured extensively in local universities. His works are housed in the National Museum of Damascus and the Syrian Ministry of Culture. Solo and group exhibitions have been held at Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut (2014); Art House, Damascus (2011, 2009, 2008); Katzen Center for the Arts, Washington DC (2007); and Art Form Gallery, Montreal (2007).



BAHRAM´s art invites to transform the famous destination of great poetry, in that it appears as a speaking picture. BAHRAM creates such oeuvres. If you look at the past 10 years of his painting, you can not but recognize that he is obsessed by a vision. The subject of his art is the human being I his solitude. And this vision which – as he shows us – may become a picture but goes beyond language, is translated into the diction of symbols.

The continuity of the motives is impressing: the face, the body of the human being, the empty room, the inaccessible towers, the dilapidated homes. Landscape as force of nature or chimera. By the end of the 80ies, all this was already present but still domesticated by a strong mimetic element. The villages were still villages in the form of a group of homes in front of horizons. Since then, however, in particular after the predominantly informal years from 1991 until 1993, a tremendous concentration of the expression had its way.



Peter was born in Johannesburg in 1969. In 1986, he matriculated from Kearsney College, where he won numerous art awards including the illustrious Natal Schools Art Award and the Grahamstown Art Festival Award. He went on to study art and graphic design at the Witwatersrand Technicon, where he won the Wilsenach Young Designer's Award. On completion of his studies, he joined Young & Rubicam, an internationally recognised advertising agency, where he worked as an art director and illustrator. In 1994, he began working as a freelance illustrator in the advertising industry where he was proficient in all mediums, airbrush, pastels, gouache, acrylics, etc. In 1998, he moved to the Wilderness in the Garden Route of South Africa to become a full time fine artist. In March 2001, The Pharoah Art Gallery was officially opened in a picturesque thatch cottage on the banks of Wilderness Lagoon, the gallery houses a number of other South African contemporary artists such as Beatrix Bosch, Peter Diggery, Fiona Rowett and others. 

In 2010, the Pharoah Gallery was destroyed in a fire, Peter's entire collection of original paintings and prints including works by Zondi, Irma Stern and Maud Sumner were destroyed and the building had to be demolished. Later that year, the Pharoah Print Gallery was opened at the Girls Restaurant in Peter Pharoah's extensive range of prints is now available to purchase from his new permanent display at this award winning Wilderness restaurant and in January 2011, when a space became available in the village, the Pharoah Gallery was reborn.



Rachel Parker is a self-taught artist who works mainly in watercolors. Her paintings feature cats, horses, dogs, wildlife, farm animals, landscapes, abstracts and still life. As the daughter of an artist, she was raised going to art lessons and watching her mother paint. She has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a pencil, and began painting in 2000.

Her motivation for creating is to capture what may otherwise go unnoticed, to reveal the beauty in simple moments and objects. Making an image come alive on paper or canvas is her inspiration. Rachel has sold her work nationally and internationally through her online store. She paints at night and during weekends and works full time as a school social worker.



Jonathan Gladding grew up on Cape Cod in the village of Centerville. After majoring in fine art at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, he landed a job as a computer artist/animator for Sesame Street in New York City where he worked on interactive games for their CD-ROM and online division. After five enjoyable years with Sesame Street, he felt the need to expand his horizons so joined the Peace Corps and was sent to the island of St. Lucia in the eastern Caribbean where he taught woodworking while painting in his spare time. After the conclusion of his two-year service, he exhibited his work which was well received and his popularity in the Caribbean has continued to grow with regular exhibitions in St. Lucia, Trinidad, Barbados, and London. He has received numerous awards in the U.S. for his paintings that depict everyday life in a traditional Caribbean village and he continues to divide his time between Cape Cod and St. Lucia.



Freelance awarded photographer and artist George Rossidis was born in Cairo on 1948, by Greek parents. He moved to Athens in 1966, where he studied Economics in the University of Athens and worked in the aviation industry as Finance Manager for several Airlines. (CP Air, QANTAS, KLM).

He was involved with photography since he was 16, but only since 1998 exclusively and professionally. His work has been awarded in many national and international competitions, with gold medals and other prizes. His articles and photographs have been published in many major newspapers, magazines, calendars, etc.

His work was exhibited in many personal and group exhibitions in Greece (Athens, Serres, Kalamata), at the museum of Hellenism in Canada, at the Olympic Museum of Lausanne (twice), at the Art Museum of Reus in Spain, the USA, Argentina, Australia, Finland, Rumania (by personal invitation), Belgium, France, the UK, Holland, Austria, Luxembourg, Germany, S. Africa, China, Cyprus and Egypt (by personal invitation from the Greek Embassy in Cairo).



Kalvin Zane is a self-taught painter and sculptor; and he has been creating original pieces for more than 10 years now. Kalvin was born in 1987 in Lesotho but raised in Kigali-Rwanda. He has discovered his artistic talent at the age of 6 when he drew a portrait of his father, he shocked and pleased his family who have continued to support his artistic dreams. As he grew he continuously practice drawing cartoons, painting and sculpting with object discarded in the streets of Kigali.

Conscious of the Rwanda 1994 genocide aftermath and motivated by the governmental yearly theme on commemorations days, Kalvin started using his artistic abilities to help orphans and widows through painting and sculpting, he collaborated with local NGO's to conduct charitable exhibitions and workshops. He also gave art lessons to young orphans to help them build their lives on art instead of becoming street beggars. As a genocide survivor, Kalvin let peace and reconciliation be his motivation during this time. Not only he was helping others, he was also healing himself.

Kalvin taught fine art at Green Hills Academy and Hope Kids Academy, both in Kigali. He has given many workshops and lectures both locally and nationally. He owns and operate Bwiza arts in Kigali.



Olivia attended Columbus College of Art and Design’s five-year BFA program where she majored in Illustration but took every Fine Art course that could be squeezed into her semester’s tuition. After working for five years in the LA film industry as a conceptual designer, the pull to create her own work through the means of painting was too much to resist. She cut up her credit cards and moved to a cabin in the mountains of Utah to paint, full-time.In 2007, Olivia, formally known as “Holly Mae”, moved to Seattle to pursue her creative endeavors in the Northwest. 

In 2008 she lived in Malawi (Africa) for 4 months while painting the amazing people. In 2009 she returned twice to Malawi to work and paint. In 2010 she spent time in Haiti and in 2011 she created a show called “Forgetting Haiti” along with going on a trip to Bangladesh and giving birth to her daughter, Amadi. She has been working and playing, painting full-time, for twelve years. In that time her paintings have won national awards, shown in museums and shows all over the country and her work is currently shown galleries in Utah.



Yvonne is passionate about the South African landscape with all its warm colours, moods, wildlife, flora and culture. She often travels up as far as Central, East and West Africa, taking all her own photos that are used later as reference material in her studio. Yvonne is a professional artist that has exhibited at various venues and galleries around the country for the past ten years. Her preferred mediums are oil and watercolour. For many years she has combine her love of travel, nature and the sea, with sketching and plein air painting, out in the open and drawing from life! In 2010, Yvonne spent two months in Paris at the Cite' des Arts International as a resident artist and in 2014 she was resident Artist on the MS Expedition, traveling from Cape Town to Morocco.

She has a diploma in Recreational art, is an associate of the South African Watercolor Society and a member of the Pretoria Association of Arts.
She has had four solo exhibitions, many group exhibitions and her work has been accepted for the Sotheby Art Auction.



Sherri’s background goes back to several years as a fashion illustrator, designing ads for various department stores and ad agencies in the Chicago and Dallas areas. In the early nineties she was able to devote herself to painting full time. She fell in love with the spontaneous and free-flowing medium of watercolor, and have been painting everything from people, things and places she has traveled and lived in ever since. Her body of work represents all of these influences, and her hope is that you will enjoy exploring the images she has selected for prints and greeting cards.

Sherri is a signature member of the Vermont Watercolor Society at, and her work has been represented by many fine art galleries throughout the U.S., as well as published by two fine art publishers.

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